Digital Media Assessment

Your social media posts aren't gaining traction, and the website you've created with a DIY template is missing "something." Using analytics tools and my knowledge of digital functions, I will analyze your tools and content, and write a report that identifies your digital and content weaknesses.


If you prefer not to fix your digital tools, see RxFix Services.

Branding Strategies

Your organization is savvy with its services but isn't sure how to get its message across consistently and with fidelity.

Using your business plan and budget, we can build a strategy with tools that will help you connect with your donors and clients.

RxFix: Updating Your Tools

From the digital media assessment, I can create, update and optimize your content, and improve the functionality of your digital tools. 


For clients who may have enough savvy to get started but need some direction, I offer coaching on branding strategies, stylebooks, content, digital tools, print collateral and more.

Content Generation

I create a variety of print and digital content, including:

  • Social media posts/editorial calendars

  • Website content

  • Business cards

  • Postcards

  • Brochures

  • Presentations

  • Blog posts

Project Management

If you need a variety of services listed here and more, I'm available for project management and execution.

In addition to the services listed, I can also:

  • Create contact databases

  • Secure access to creative professionals 

  • Build and maintain your digital media content and tools.

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