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My clients are small businesses and nonprofits who've needed any or all of these services:

  • Business cards and other printed collateral

  • Digital tool evaluation and solutions

  • Content marketing strategy and stylebooks

  • Content creation and editing

  • Program assessment and management

  • Community outreach/networking


Based on your budget, let's work together to find solutions.



Shirley and I first met at a conference on mindfulness in health care, and her warmth and passion showed from the beginning. When our organization began expansion to Cleveland, Shirley was our first champion, ready to sit down and brainstorm how we could connect the dots and make Cleveland home. She activated her network, raised money, and continually strove to help kids with cancer in our organization. Shirley's ability to intersect her passion, her network, and her creativity is truly special. 

—  Sidney Kushner, Founder/Executive Director, Connecting Champions

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