Stress… Anger… Relationships… Life in transition… Mysterious aches and pains… Sleep Insomnia… Chronic Illness

These are some terms people use when they feel either dissatisfied with or anxious with their lives. Located in Shaker Heights, Ohio, I help you find simple solutions for your personal life or the workplace.  With my unique background in learning principles, mindfulness and yoga, I use simple tools to help you improve your life balance and to foster self acceptance.



Literally translated, yoga nidra means “yogic sleep.” Yoga nidra meditation is a form of guided relaxation / meditation designed to still and relax your mind and body. It involves all five of your senses.
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Once you discover what truly excites and motivates you, you’ll understand and appreciate what motivates others. This will broaden your understanding of what makes each of us tick differently.
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I provide individual coaching and organizational presentations on stress management and personal development. Presentations and personal coaching are tailored to the age and needs of each individual and organization.
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I teach gentle flow and “hatha” yoga to alleviate stress, build strength, and increase flexibility. I also specialize in helping those with chronic pain, physical limitations and trauma survivors.
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Shirley is extremely dedicated to the wellness profession. She is not only professionally trained but is constantly seeking more knowledge in the field, which she shares with others. Shirley is an empathetic person which makes her particularly suited to working with clients with various physical and mental disorders. Shirley is able to show empathy while maintaining the proper degree of professionalism as well. She recently taught a college class for me on emotional wellness and I was struck by her professionalism and subject knowledge while noting that her presentation style allowed her to engage my class of 18-40 year olds. Any company with a wellness program would find Shirley Pastore-McCormack to be the perfect addition to your program. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Miria Batig, Student Success Program Director and Adjunct Faculty Member, Cuyahoga Community College
“Shirley has given me something that I was sorely lacking: inner peace. I had been through many changes during the year prior to reaching out to Shirley. I had relocated to the area to get married, which meant blending two families with children. These changes had resulted in my being increasingly anxiety-driven and in the early stages of depression. My doctor had suggested that I start practicing yoga as a way to ground myself. I thought I would be receiving some basic yoga instruction on poses, but I received much more. Shirley is very talented at knowing what is needed and when. She is also very knowledgeable on all things meditation. She took the time and had the insight to see where my struggles lay. She also demonstrated considerable kindness and sincerity along the way. And while I have learned many poses, I have also learned techniques for both calming myself and living in the moment. More importantly, my life has taken on a deeper richness with this new-found knowledge. I am now more able to let go of the past and not worry so much about the future. I now live a much fuller life with my family because of Shirley’s instructions. For that, I am truly grateful.”
Dana Biggerman
“Shirley is a dedicated Life Coach who understands the stress levels of today’s executive. Her style of coaching and yoga has helped center my mind so I can focus on larger goals. The techniques she employs can be effectively used for career, family, and spiritual balance. She is a knowledgeable compassionate professional and I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing redirection and focus.”
Roschelle Ogbuji, CEO, AR Innovative Solutions
“Shirley brings knowledge, personal experience, and even a dash of love to her yoga practice. Her heart shines through as she guides you to a deeper level of self awareness and relaxation.”
Tres Roeder, President of Roeder Consulting
“Shirley’s yoga is slow and relaxing. Shirley gives explanations as she guides you through the moves/poses. She also gives alternatives or variations of poses if you have limitations. Most people can do this yoga.”
Deb Schelling
“Ms. McCormack promises gentle yoga and she delivers! She asks if anyone has an injury or an issue and she works around that. She has an alternate pose if anyone cannot do what she asks. She does not push you to do more than your body will allow. She teaches us about yoga, educating us to learn about the different styles and methods. And she spends time giving us a nidra meditation at the end of class that is so relaxing! This is a good place to START yoga training and will hold the interest of a more advanced student as well.”
Betsy Coss
“Shirley hand-tailors her yoga classes to each participant, seamlessly accommodating the range of students from the beginner to the seasoned veteran. Always mindful of the skill level of individual participants, Shirley offers up an artful balance of gentle flow yoga poses with thoughtful discussions on a range of interesting yoga topics, such as the history of various yoga disciplines, or the importance of setting yoga intentions. Each class ends with a relaxing meditation session. Truly yoga for the mind and body!”
Nancy Waldschmidt

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