7 Ways to Practice Mindfulness & Yoga in a Strawberry Patch

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Think you can’t practice mindfulness and yoga everywhere? This week, I tried it in a strawberry patch WITH KIDS. Regardless of their age, anything with kids ups the challenge. The trick to any distraction is NOTICING you NOTICE it, and not reacting to it. Driving: Ease into your surroundings. Shut off the car radio, open [...]

Merging Art, Mindfulness and Yoga: Meet Jenn

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I recently sat with Jennifer Adams to talk about art, yoga and mindfulness. Jennifer caught my attention when she mentioned that her art is part of a current exhibition, Lines, Patterns & Textures, at the Shaker Community Gallery (SCG). Our yoga class shares space with the SCG and other vendors at Christ Church in Shaker [...]

5 Mistakes New Yoga Students Make

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I've been taking courses from Mindful Schools to add a different perspective to my professional and personal life. Because of this program, I've been doing a lot of self-reflection. After seeing a lot of "doozies" in a recent class I attended, I wish I'd learned about the common mistakes we make as yoga students "new to the [...]

Mindfulness as I See it

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Mindfulness is... ... The stillness in my house and the trills of songbirds I hear every morning. Breathing deeply in and out. Finding my center before I rise. ... Savoring every bite of my meal. Eating slowly, mindfully. Noticing the food's texture and subtle flavors. Focusing all of my attention on the moment without distraction. ... [...]

Drama 101: 5 Steps to Heal From Toxic Relationships

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Hands flailing, loud emotional outbursts, animated facial expressions. I come from a big Italian American family, so I am familiar with drama. However, there is a difference between animated and expressive cultural practices - and toxic relationships that affect your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Letting Go: The Awakening

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“The only real difference between Anxiety and Excitement was my willingness to let go of Fear.” ― Barbara Brown Taylor, Learning to Walk in the Dark We all know the catch phrases about facing fear.  Coming out of the dark... Seeing the light... Letting go... You shrug it off. After all, it's just another pop culture [...]

Fear: Facing the Deep

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When I was 10 years old, my mom brought me and my sister to a local community pool so I could strengthen my arthritic legs.  Since neither of us could properly swim, we’d spend a good hour floating around, sometimes using a kickboard and walking in the shallow end. From the shallow end, we noticed [...]

A Moment of Grace, Gratitude, & Healing

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Healing ˈhiːlɪŋ  n, adj. noun. The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again adj. Tending to heal; therapeutic (source: Oxford English Dictionary) The healing journey from trauma is a bumpy one. There is a lot of pain, especially when those memories and emotions have to be exposed, acknowledged, processed, and put to rest. Knowing the difference [...]

Waiting for a Tornado: What We Think & Our Ego

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Earlier this week, I hosted a bookclub meeting to discuss David Rosenfelt's hilarious book, Dogtripping. Our evening ended up being a study about the Ego Mind and the distractions it uses to cause stress and anxiety. We all have an Ego Mind -- it's a part of the human condition. To better understand the Ego, all you need is a stressful situation to trigger [...]

Is Yoga Worth the Risk?

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In the past decade, the number of people practicing yoga in the US has skyrocketed from approximately 10 million people to over 20 million.  In the “American spirit,” yoga, like other traditions, has morphed from being a type of spiritual meditation to an aggressive workout to capture the interest – and money -- of those [...]