7 Lessons on Intolerance: A Letter to My Girls

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Dear Grace and Sylvia; San Bernardino; Brexit; Turkey; xenophobic politicians; senseless shootings; Islamophobia; homophobia; racism; intolerance toward anyone different. I write this with a heavy heart, but as the Republican National Convention unfolds near our adopted hometown, I knew it would be a teachable moment about the many issues that have brought our country and the world to a boiling [...]

Mindfulness as I See it

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Mindfulness is... ... The stillness in my house and the trills of songbirds I hear every morning. Breathing deeply in and out. Finding my center before I rise. ... Savoring every bite of my meal. Eating slowly, mindfully. Noticing the food's texture and subtle flavors. Focusing all of my attention on the moment without distraction. ... [...]

7 Ways to Be Your Valentine

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The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself. ― Mark Twain We're just recovering from the 6-week holiday blitz that begins every Thanksgiving. For those who are lonely during the holidays, Valentine's Day can be another painful reminder of broken relationships or loneliness. As Mark Twain and other wise sages have said, loneliness [...]

Kicking the Birthday Blues

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This Capricorn recently marked another birthday. Being human, we celebrate and yet complain about the different aspects of our birthdays. As children, we earn for the cake, the candles and gifts. Let's be honest... as kids, we love feeling special for a day. And yet... We also have that dissatisfied side, which finds some type [...]

Wings, Beer… and Eating Disorders

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My friend Carole wanted to share the entire “American Experience” with a friend visiting from France. That included a jaunt to the local sports bar, something hubby and I hadn’t done since the girls were born. “I want her to try wings and beer, a completely American thing. Besides, we can also celebrate the birthdays [...]

Happy New Year – A Beautiful Some Kind of Day

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Happy Holidays! Since starting this blog in 2013, I can see the significant positive changes that continue to bubble up in my life. Life is good! We are all on a continuous journey, and we sometimes need the down time from the holidays to really appreciate what we have. Far too often,we reflect on the madness of [...]

The Grinch and Good Will

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Last weekend, we took our girls to an annual gingerbread exhibition we visit every year. We saw this colorful and cute rendition (above) of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I remember as a child how terrified I was of this nasty green creature, but as I got older, I began to appreciate Dr. Seuss' need to teach [...]

Drama 101: 5 Steps to Heal From Toxic Relationships

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Hands flailing, loud emotional outbursts, animated facial expressions. I come from a big Italian American family, so I am familiar with drama. However, there is a difference between animated and expressive cultural practices - and toxic relationships that affect your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

5 Ways to Balance Priorities and Ease Stress

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What do you see in the above picture? Do you have the time to truly connect with and notice your surroundings... or are you always too busy? Summer has flown by, and my girls just started school. As always, how I planned to balance my "to do list" with my girls' needs didn't quite happen.  I've [...]

Unmasking & Understanding Depression

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Robin Williams was the latest Hollywood casualty to depression and suicide. Rather than pry into the why's and how's about this particular tragedy, can we not learn from it to help the millions suffering in silence from depression and addiction? Humans have the propensity to judge others, and the social media age only feeds the frenzy. [...]