Beating Cancer with Friendship: CCChampions

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In September 2016, my Soulful Flow Yoga Saturday class made a priority to donate class proceeds to different charities. In February 2017, we began our fundraising relationship with CCChampions. In October 2016, I met representatives of CCChampions at a mindfulness workshop in Pittsburgh. “We work with children who are diagnosed with cancer at UPMC,” explained founder [...]

Functional Medicine: 8 Reasons to Try It

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You've spent a fortune visiting an army of doctors and have undergone numerous tests. Results are either inconclusive or negative. Despite this, you still feel sick and emotionally spent. You wonder if you are crazy, or are destined to remain a medical Super-Utilizer.  That was my story until a caring friend, who happened to be a [...]

5 Mistakes New Yoga Students Make

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I've been taking courses from Mindful Schools to add a different perspective to my professional and personal life. Because of this program, I've been doing a lot of self-reflection. After seeing a lot of "doozies" in a recent class I attended, I wish I'd learned about the common mistakes we make as yoga students "new to the [...]

Mindfulness as I See it

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Mindfulness is... ... The stillness in my house and the trills of songbirds I hear every morning. Breathing deeply in and out. Finding my center before I rise. ... Savoring every bite of my meal. Eating slowly, mindfully. Noticing the food's texture and subtle flavors. Focusing all of my attention on the moment without distraction. ... [...]

Back to School Recipes Meet Mindfulness

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It's now Week #5 of our kitchen renovation, which has turned our back porch table into a prep/dining/cleaning space. Armed with a mini convection oven, Vitamix, crock pot, hot plate, electric kettle and a faucet, we've been trying to find simple recipes we can make with as few pots and pans as possible. Some meals [...]

Fear: Facing the Deep

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When I was 10 years old, my mom brought me and my sister to a local community pool so I could strengthen my arthritic legs.  Since neither of us could properly swim, we’d spend a good hour floating around, sometimes using a kickboard and walking in the shallow end. From the shallow end, we noticed [...]

A Moment of Grace, Gratitude, & Healing

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Healing ˈhiːlɪŋ  n, adj. noun. The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again adj. Tending to heal; therapeutic (source: Oxford English Dictionary) The healing journey from trauma is a bumpy one. There is a lot of pain, especially when those memories and emotions have to be exposed, acknowledged, processed, and put to rest. Knowing the difference [...]

5 Ways to Balance Priorities and Ease Stress

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What do you see in the above picture? Do you have the time to truly connect with and notice your surroundings... or are you always too busy? Summer has flown by, and my girls just started school. As always, how I planned to balance my "to do list" with my girls' needs didn't quite happen.  I've [...]

Unmasking & Understanding Depression

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Robin Williams was the latest Hollywood casualty to depression and suicide. Rather than pry into the why's and how's about this particular tragedy, can we not learn from it to help the millions suffering in silence from depression and addiction? Humans have the propensity to judge others, and the social media age only feeds the frenzy. [...]

June Recipes: A Monthly Round-Up

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This month begins a collection of healthy and tasty recipes I've either tried or created.  When I made big changes to my diet last year, I didn't want to lose the creativity I enjoy when I cook. To my delight, I've found a lot of resources, and some great recipes.  If you have recipe or [...]