Yoga is a 5,000-year-old practice that encompasses more than a series of poses. Literally translated as “union,” it isn’t a religion, but a science of different techniques to benefit your body, mind and spirit.

My teaching format incorporates mindfulness and centering techniques from a variety of disciplines to create a calming experience. Thanks to my training with YogaReach, I also teach adaptive movements for those with mobility challenges.

Although I work with “mainstream” students, I specialize in working with people who have a number of physical and/or emotional ailments.

What You Won’t Find in My Classes:

You won’t see mirrors, hear loud music, see the latest designer yoga clothing, be judged, or touched without your permission. Nor will you find a simple emphasis on poses. This is mindful movement, which equally incorporates centering, movement and breath.

What You Will Find in My Classes:

Choice. You always have a choice in everything we do. No pose, breathing technique, meditation technique or mindfulness exercise is ever forced. We are here to honor ourselves and each other in a safe and soothing environment.

Pose modifications. You always have options. If you still don’t feel comfortable or safe with a modification, you are welcome to sit, stand or lay down, close your eyes (or not) and breathe.

Breath, movement, philosophy, thoughtfulness, heartfulness, and inspiration. I instill these yogic hallmarks in every class. From the inspirational reading that starts our class to the closing guided meditation, students truly practice the 8 limbs of yoga. Trauma-sensitive practices are always used at my Soulful Flow Yoga class.

Imperfection. To paraphrase Brenè Brown, this class is about letting go of what we think we’re supposed to be, and about embracing who we are.

For ongoing group sessions, please refer to the Class Schedule page. I can tailor any class to your needs, but also offer the following signature classes to private groups and individuals:

Signature Classes

Soulful Flow YogaTM

This soothing, spiritual format of yoga incorporates slow flowing movements, mindfulness techniques, meditation, and breathing exercises to tame the monkey mind and heal the body.   It combines aspects of physical complementary medicine, cognitive complementary medicine and expressive complementary medicine in a safe environment. All classes end with 20-30 minutes of yoga nidra guided meditation as you lay or sit comfortably on your mat.

All ages and yoga levels are welcome and I teach pose modifications for all skill levels. Lower your stress levels, relieve your pain, improve your balance, strengthen your body and find inner bliss.

Slow Down Flow YogaTM

This class follows the same format as its Soulful Flow sister, minus the guided meditation. Slow Down Flow can be tailored to seniors or people who prefer chair yoga.

Seated Centering YogaTM

This chair yoga class is designed for people unable to do standing poses or those who simply want a way to center themselves in locations that lack floor space. This class is suitable for business settings, seniors, those with mobility issues, and for those who want a gentler way to stretch and strengthen with chair support.

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

If you aren’t able to practice the yoga postures or prefer guided meditation, consider yoga nidra. Anyone, regardless of physical ability, can experience this guided form of meditation.