wellness, mindfulness, meditation

Wellness goes beyond diet and a healthy weight – it starts with a healthy mindset. Studies show that chronic stress can cause or contribute to certain illnesses, chronic pain and insomnia. Stress can also affect your appetite, dampen your mood, impact your ability to learn or work, and negatively affect your relationships. On a good note, you can reverse this trend! All it takes is knowledge, self-awareness and the willingness to change.


I coach and present the wellness topics of stress management and mindfulness in workplace and education including:

  • Breakthrough Schools, Cleveland
  • Cuyahoga Community College
  • Christ Episcopal Church, Shaker Heights
  • Heights Christian Church, Shaker Heights
  • Athletic Teams

People I Help

As your coach, I guide you to find more happiness with simple wellness tools. Whether you want stress relief or need to build better coping skills to deal with illness or chronic pain, I will structure your personalized sessions to your particular needs.


Contact Shirley for further details.