My friend and former colleague, Michael Gershe, presents programs on alcohol awareness and impaired driving at schools, universities and military bases across the country. Recently, he decided to post survivors’ stories on his organization’s blog. You may initially think these stories are victim impact statements, which they are. Therapeutically, these stories also allow individuals to heal through “the power of the pen.”

In honor of Veterans Day, Michael posted the story of  Stephanie Smith, an airman he met at Minot Air Force Base. Airman Smith was severely injured in a car accident caused by an impaired driver. Her story highlights how our enlisted troops and veterans need good medical, psychological and emotional care. Her PTSD diagnosis also points to the invisible injuries that continue to heal long after the body recovers.

Last year, my Soulful Flow Yoga class began supporting different nonprofits. One of our students found Unbroken Warriors after the suicide of a family friend’s loved one.

“What’s the connection between drunken driving, Airman Smith and Soulful Flow Yoga,” you ask? We are familiar with injuries, pain and illness. We also understand trauma. This Veteran’s Day, I think about soldiers and vets who need additional support. Long after the body heals, the mind may still be fighting, struggling to find solace. That’s why we support Unbroken Warriors, an organization dedicated to helping vets and their families find healing from trauma. Together, we can make a bigger impact. Every little bit counts.

From October to December, our class proceeds will benefit Unbroken Warriors. In honor of Stephanie, we invite any vets to join us at no cost. All you need is a mat and blanket. If you aren’t a vet but would like to support our cause, please join us Saturday mornings in Shaker Heights.