Mission Statement:

To guide people on their path to physical, mental and spiritual healing so they can live happier, healthier lives and a balanced state of well-being.


Guiding Principles

In order to help people find their paths, I follow these principles:

Each Person is Unique

Like our fingerprints, each person’s body, mind and spirit are unique. The human body comes with a range of capabilities and conditions. Our experiences and upbringing add to our distinctiveness. What works for one person may not work for another.  Therefore, each healing path is different.

Treat Others with Integrity, Compassion, & Respect

People want to be understood and treated with compassion and empathy, not pity or judgment. Genuine respect and sensitivity to all differences are practiced and honored.

Disability is a Condition of the Ego Mind, Not the Body

No person is broken or damaged. Some of us are wounded warriors on a path to healing. While we may have conditions or life situations that frustrate us, they do not define us. We are all gloriously unique — we are who we are.

The inner judge, the Ego Mind, needs to be acknowledged for the negative power it can have over us. We no longer allow it to control our thoughts and well-being. We find beauty and grace when we recognize our greatest liabilities may actually be our greatest gifts.

Surrender to What is

Surrender does not mean giving up. We begin to heal when we allow ourselves to yield to uncertainties, conditions and situations beyond our control. Once the healing starts, we will find inner peace and grace.

Perfection is an Aberration

Perfection does not exist in nature – only in the unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves.  The perfect body, perfect skin color, perfect job, and perfect relationship do not exist. Mistakes are merely teachable moments that help us learn, grow, and gain wisdom.

Learning Never Stops

Life constantly introduces us to experiences, people and places that will add to our wisdom and help us grow intellectually, mentally and spiritually. We begin to thrive when we accept that growth and change are healthy constants.

Healing is an Integrative Process

The body, mind and spirit are interconnected systems. One system cannot function optimally if the others are ailing or out of balance.  Humans are complex beings with complex issues, and need to be treated holistically. Root causes should be identified and treated – not just the symptoms.